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Funding available in Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Cambridgeshire and the SE of England

A large investment of time, budget and resource is needed for a major construction project hence companies want to reduce their costs where they can. The level of investment required is high and the quality of the work to complete the project is demanding. Companies need to ensure that their workers have the experience and qualifications they need and are certified to the appropriate standard to succeed in their roles and help make their construction projects a success.

At Geason Training, our expertise is in up-skilling employees in the construction industry while helping companies manage the costs of training. We have the perfect opportunity for employers to take advantage of the European Social Fund (ESF) which provides funding for training, enabling businesses to increase the skills and qualifications of their workforce, improve productivity and help ensure business growth. The funding is available for a limited time only and is available for fully funded Level 2 NVQ’s in:

* Insulation Disciplines

* Bricklaying (Trowel Occupations)

* Painting & Decorating

These qualifications can be delivered through on site assessments by Geason Training trainers to those working in the construction industry in North Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Cambridgeshire and the South East of England (excluding Greater London).

Upon completion of their qualification, all learners will become eligible for a Blue CSCS skilled workers card. In addition companies paying the CITB Levy also have the opportunity to claim a Vocational Qualification achievement grant of £400 – £488 per completed NVQ.

To take advantage of this funding opportunity now please contact our funding experts on 0330 088 9596.

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