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Apprenticeship Success

As we come to the end of the financial year, we have taken this opportunity to reflect over the last year and look back at a handful of our achievements we have accomplished.

96% pass rate

96% of our learners who took part in the Level 2 Property Maintenance Operative course achieved a well-deserved pass rate, of which 38% achieved a distinction rate.

Qualification opportunity

Geason Training are delighted to have partnered up with Taylor Wimpey to offer their employees apprenticeship training in Level 2 Bricklaying and an end point assessment in conjunction with the awarding body City and Guilds. We are proud to say we are one of the first learning providers in the country to offer this standard and end point assessment. This allows our learners to demonstrate some of their newly acquired skills obtained throughout their training with us.

“It has been a huge learning curve working on the new Bricklaying standards over the last 18 months, however we could not have found a better employer to ride through this journey with than Taylor Wimpey. It has been my pleasure to work so closely with the business unit managers and learners during this time.  The new skills they have gained include not only practical elements in the Brick Industry but also many other softer skills such as communication, self awareness, confidence and presentation. I am proud to watch them start to go through their EPAs – fingers crossed for positive results which I have no doubt are on their way.”Lisa Jones-Hill

In collaboration

We are proud to work in partnership with Mobile Mini. We have recently launched an internal management programmes for employee to provide expert training to support their career progression. Our newest collaboration sees us launching another programme in L4 Sales Executive. Experienced in delivering within the Professional Services space, we have now added L4 Sales Executive to our qualification portfolio and we are excited about launching our first cohort later this month.

We would like to congratulate all of our learners in achieving their qualifications and we wish them positive futures ahead. Exciting projects lie ahead for Geason during 2021 – 2022.

If you would like any information about the Apprenticeship courses we have on offer, please contact us.

Government Budget: 3 reasons to hire an apprentice and how this benefits your business

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has delivered his spring budget and announced a number of new investments for the Further Education and skills sector and a £126 million boost to existing apprenticeships and traineeship programmes for employers. The financial incentives for employers include the doubling of incentive payments for employers. With the unemployment level being at the highest level in almost 5 years, this is an opportunity for employers to help get people of all ages back into work, with government funded support.

We have described what these government incentives are and how your business could benefit from hiring a new apprentice.

Cost effective funding backed by the government

  • £126 million has been set aside by the government for ‘high quality’ work placements and training for 16–24-year-olds in the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Any employers who hire a new apprentice of any age, between 1st April and 30th September will receive £3000 per new hire.
  • The government already provide a £1000 payment to apprentices aged 16-18 and those aged under 25 with an education, Health and Care plan, where that applies. This means some employers could receive £4000 in total per apprentice.
  • Rushi Sunak has announced a ‘flexi job’ apprenticeship, enabling apprentices to work with a number of different employers in one sector.

If an employer compares this to the onboarding and salary costs of a full-time employee, hiring an apprentice is a great way for an employer to invest in new staff members at minimal expense.

Adapt to your business needs

We understand that no two businesses are the same so hiring an apprentice will allow you an opportunity to develop them in a way that fits in with your business objectives. We are seeing an increasing number of employers invest in staff development by hiring apprentices as well as recruiting new staff to complement their existing workforce. This has proved successful, which the government has also recognised, and they want to help employers further incentivise that approach.  Given the lockdown and situation of Covid-19, we have noticed an apprentice can adapt to changes exceptionally well, especially during the current climate and we believe apprentices will be fundamental to supporting a new way of how your company works and how you evolve. 

Time saving

An apprentice will fit into your business by becoming self-sufficient members of your team. This is an opportunity for you to allow some to deliver your day-to-day tasks and free up your time to focus on higher-level responsibilities and growing your business.

Why choose Geason and our guide for apprenticeships

At Geason we have over 15 years’ experience in facilitating the most up-to-date apprenticeship training for employers. For more information on how the training courses and apprenticeships offered, please download our e-book or contact us.

Learning through lockdown: How Geason – A Speedy business, never stops

Lockdowns have shifted the priorities for many UK businesses but the pandemic should be no barrier to continuing your employees professional development. Companies still need to have the right skills in place to tackle this challenging period and make the most of the opportunities that will come as the economy recovers. And at the same time, employees, some of whom will be working remotely, need to stay motivated and continue with their career progression.

Training is fundamental to achieving this, from site-based roles like construction site supervision, plant, access and lifting training to back office functions in business administration, team leading and management, quantity surveying, or digital marketing. We have continued to deliver training courses safely and successfully throughout the pandemic using remote and online solutions. The only exception to remote delivery is for key workers, in which case the learner, employer and the Geason trainer can continue to deliver training in person, following strict social distancing measures.

Here we tell the story of Chloe Kite, a recruitment apprentice at Kent-based infrastructure delivery, civil engineering and multi-utilities contractor blu-3, who achieved a diploma in business administration during lockdown and a period of furlough.

The challenge – delivering an effective training programme through lockdown restrictions

blu-3 needed to continue its apprenticeships and staff training through the disruption caused by lockdown and furloughs, providing engaging and rewarding remote learning for colleagues in a range of roles. That required a training provider that could work flexibly to support learners as they worked towards nationally recognised qualifications, ensuring their professional development continued.

The solution – a bespoke remote learning solution

When Chloe joined blu-3 as an apprentice in the HR department, the business was keen for her to develop her skills quickly, so she could take on responsibilities around recruitment and staff training. A Business Admin Level 3 diploma was identified by blu-3 as a rapid route to achieving the skills she needed, and she was enrolled on the Geason course in August 2019. Despite lockdown restrictions commencing last March, and even during a period of furlough, Chloe was determined to continue her learning, with support from her dedicated trainers. Regular online meetings were held to review Chloe’s progress and her trainers were on hand to give feedback on her work, answer questions and provide support. And lockdown didn’t stop Geason’s final exams, which were conducted over a video call using in-house invigilators.

Success – training and support that delivers results

Chloe was an exceptional apprentice. After finishing the course with a distinction, she has now been promoted to Trainee HR Business Partner, armed with the knowledge and skills she needs in her current role and to progress her career. And Chloe has been so enthused by her success that she now plans to take a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management.
She said:

“I was very driven to keep my apprenticeship going, despite the pandemic. There was some inevitable disruption when lockdown restrictions were first introduced, but I was well supported on the whole by my two trainers. I had online meetings with them where we would set progress targets, then they would come back to me with feedback on my work.
The course was a perfect fit for me. Now I have more opportunities to grow and progress onto higher-level courses.”

At Geason we are making every effort to ensure that the quality of the learning experience is not hindered by the current situation. For more information on the training courses and apprenticeships offered during lockdown, please visit Apprenticeships.

Opening times

Future proof your business by upskilling your staff while on furlough

Many businesses and their employees have been facing challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Government’s furlough scheme has been instrumental in helping to save jobs, but businesses can benefit even more from furlough.

Training Furloughed Employees

Training on furlough is allowed, employees who have been furloughed can continue to train or start a new programme as long as doing so does not provide services to, or generate revenue for, or on behalf of their company or a linked or associated company.
Training can be hugely beneficial to both businesses and employees in preparing for an eventual return to work in a changed economy.


Apprentices can placed on furlough in the same way as any employees. They are able to continue their training remotely as far as is feasible during this time. Employers should liaise with the apprentice’s training provider to discuss whether e-learning is available.

Future proof your business through your employees

The long term future of businesses will continue to depend on anticipation and planning. By acting now, and deciding to upskill or reskill your employees to meet future requirements of your business will mean that you utilise the time that is available to staff on furlough. It also can help with employee engagement, retention, keeping the company culture alive, and improving business performance once they are back to work.

Grants, funding and incentives 

The good news is that there are plenty of grants and funding available at the moment to help businesses to cover the cost of training and development of their staff – whether it would be an apprenticeship, NVQ, or short duration course.
If you are looking to recruit new staff, it’s worth thinking about taking on an Apprentice. The Government will provide incentive payments to employers who recruit apprentices from 1 August 2020 through to 31 March 2021.

Age of apprenticeIncentive before Covid-19Total paid to the employer with the new incentive scheme
16-18£1000£3,000 (£1000 + £2000)

We are here to help

We provide advice and guidance not only on training and development programmes including skills training, NVQs and apprenticeships but regarding available funding and grants. We will make sure that we find training programmes that suit your business and will help to secure the funding for it too.

To find out more about how we can support you get in touch with us here and we will get back to you.

Building Working Relationships – Juniper

During National Apprenticeship week we were excited to welcome Juniper to our Derby Hub for taster sessions giving their learners an idea of what an apprenticeship journey would entail.

We were delighted to receive such great feedback from Juniper about the working relationship they have built with our Learner Engagement Team

Geason Training have supported our students over the past few months with various activities. They have conducted mock interviews, currently supporting a student with an administration work placement and arranged a taster day for our business administration students for national apprenticeships week. The team are extremely knowledgeable and have given our student fantastic IAG. The taster day consisted of a formal presentation with one of the tutors/assessor, discussing digital marketing and ICT apprenticeship. The tutor discussed in detail what their entry requirements are, how long the apprenticeship is for level 3 and level 4, how the students will be assessed and how this is measured and companies Geason are currently working with. The presentation was extremely informative. The tutor set the students a task using the Canva to create a leaflet that would attract potential apprentices with the information that was discussed with them in the presentation. The verbal feedback from the student after the event was extremely positive. This has had a positive effect on our student as it have help them understand expectation progressing into higher education. The taster day was professional and very well organised, we look forward to the next taster day. Lauren and Martin kindly offered one of my student with an administration work placement. Lauren and myself conducted a risk assessment prior to the student starting, this was to ensure the placement was suitable for the student and for the work taster day. We arranged a meeting with the student, myself, Lauren and Martin. This was to discuss her duties and responsibilities, times, days and how we will all be supporting the student throughout her placement. When the student start Lauren ensured a full induction was completed. We have weekly contact to discuss the students’ progress and attendance, the employer feedback has been consistent and the staff have made my job easier. Martin has plans for the student to help her further develop in the work placement, by supporting them with blogs and posting on their social media. The student’s feedback from her placement has been extremely positive, she is thoroughly enjoying it and feel safe and supported. The student would like to progress onto a Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship and she feels this placement will give her the platform she needs to progress positively from Juniper. My overall experience with Geason has been outstanding and I am looking forward to continuing a positive working relationship with them.

Michaela Watters – Progression Co-ordinator

We have built a strong work relationship with Geason over the past year. Their approach and attitude to working with young people has always been very professional and nothing is too much trouble.
My first meeting with Lauren Beavis was very informative and she was keen to offer her support with our students undertaking mock interviews. Student feedback following mock interviews with Lauren and Aaron, was extremely positive. They felt that Lauren and Aaron were professional, friendly and both gave clear and detailed verbal feedback, as well as formative feedback by completing Juniper feedback forms. As a result of the time and care they invested in our learners, our students felt more confident to tackle future interviews  and they had a clear understanding of their strengths and the areas that they needed to develop. Lauren has offered her services to us many times and she was very proactive in setting up a Work Taster Day at Geason, as part of National Apprenticeship week. I attended this trip and it was well organised and all staff supported our Learners. Every student that attended the work taster are now aware of progression routes onto Geason Apprenticeships and they have a clear understanding of employer expectations.  

Natalie Cundy – Recruitment Officer