Do you want to learn about ‘Trailblazers’?

Many of our customers are asking us “what is a trailblazer?” and it is part of our role to help them navigate their way through the new qualifications that are available to employers in the UK. A Trailblazer is a group of employers that develop Apprenticeship standards which are specific to an individual’s job role within their sector. The new standards that are created will either be completely new or will gradually be replacing the existing Apprenticeship frameworks for job roles in future.

What’s so special about these new Apprenticeship standards? The objective for these new standards is to ensure that all Apprenticeships are employer led. This means that they are designed by Trailblazer groups to ensure they can meet their own specific needs regarding to work skills needed for the job.

These new Apprenticeship standards have to be short, simple to understand and operate well within the sector. They are set out to allow apprentices to master their occupation providing the ability to meet professional requirements within their sector.

Geason Training are one of the first training providers in the UK to deliver a Trailblazer standard in a construction related discipline. We are already successfully delivering the Level 2 Trailblazer Apprenticeship in Property Maintenance and the Level 3 Trailblazer Apprenticeship in Housing Property Management to our customers.

If you would like more information on how Trailblazers and the Apprenticeship Frameworks can help you visit our website or call the team on 0330 088 9596.

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