Top Tips for Working from Home

As the current situation continues to evolve, many workers and learners will now find themselves working from home.
For some, working from home is part of their usual or occasional routine, for others, it is an entirely new experience and one they may be unsure how to navigate.

Looking for a bit of advice on how to handle a change to the usual working routine?
Here are a few of our top tips.

Set up a dedicated working area

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a ‘home office’ or a spare room, but you do need to have a dedicated space where you can work.  It could be the dining table or the kitchen worktop, a fold away table or even the garden shed. 

Having a dedicated space to work from will help you to get into the mindset of ‘going to work’ and to develop a sense of routine.

Get Dressed

We get it, the temptation to work in our pyjamas is strong!
What you wear isn’t important, you can dress as you would for going into the office or place of learning or you can dress casually but getting dressed will help you to focus on working,

Develop a routine

It may sound silly, but developing a sense of routine really helps when you are working from home.
While you may not have to coordinate your lunch around your colleagues to the same extent, it will help to have a rough routine for when to plan to start, finish, take a break or stop for lunch.  

Remember to focus but also switch off

Distractions are everywhere – social media, streaming services, neighbours, the weather, but it’s essential to try and focus without letting too many of those distractions consume our time.

Overworking is so easy to do when working from home.  You can absolutely adapt your usual working schedule to work for you while working from home but try not to burnout by staying in the zone all day every day, it’s important to switch off too.

Be mindful of other people’s time

Manage their expectations and give them a realistic idea of when you may be able to pass on information or complete tasks.

Prioritise your tasks

Review your list each day and think realistically about what you can achieve. 
Mark which tasks are urgent, which are not quite as time-sensitive and what you are unable to achieve. 

If a task wouldn’t usually sit with you, but you have the time and skills to do it without deviating from your own role, that’s fine but if you think you may struggle, speak to your line manager who may be able to identify a solution.

Get creative with your to-do list

You may be happy with a pen and paper; you might thrive on phone or calendar reminders. 
You may be a visual person and prefer to work with a vision board. 

Feel free to get creative and work your list into a format that makes you feel inspired and ready to conquer the day ahead. 

Stay in touch

It can be easy to feel completely cut off from the outside world. 

Many workplaces have provisions in place, such as social media groups, instant messaging services, online hangouts to help staff keep in touch with others.  It’s essential to stay in touch with each other for morale, information and even our own mental health. 

For those not used to working from home or setting up a workstation, there is a great guide on the HSE website which has some great information on working practices: Working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Do you have any tips for working from home? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. martin linney says:

    I agree, all useful advice.

  2. Steven Baker says:

    For those not used to working from home or now using computers or laptops then a good guide to read is the Working with Display Screen Equipment(DSE) this guide gives a lot of information on working practices and setting up workstations. This guide can be found on the hse website.

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