Iulia's Story

Learner Profile

Job title Office Manager
Course Business Administration
Level    3


Iulia is originally from Romania and manages the office facility for the organisation. As many of the workers are also from Romania, she is able to distribute work and manage the workload by communicating with them in their own language. Iulia already has relevant qualifications in her own country but was keen to gain English qualifications.

Learner Journey

Iulia had to complete an Employment Rights and Responsibilities unit specifically relating to UK legislation. The unit was completed to the highest standard and was a credit to her as English is her Level 4 units. Iulia second language. Training and support was given throughout the qualification and each area was discussed in depth to ensure the programme took place around her individual needs. Iulia’s work was of an exceptional standard and she achieved her qualification successfully including some was seen monthly, but she was in touch with her trainer on a regular basis.


Iulia received support in English Reading and Writing and completed Practice papers to help her improve her skills. The training was given over several months at a pace to suit Iulia and the exams were undertaken when she was ready. All subjects were completed at Level 3 and passed with high marks. She is now able to give support to others in the company as a result of the training.

Next Step

Iulia would like to complete a Management Level 5 programme and has the scope in her job role to complete this.

Words from Iulia

Thank you for your support throughout my qualification. You

simplified the performance criteria and were very helpful when

I needed you to explain things in detail. I enjoyed working through the units and gaining the knowledge to help me provide better support in my workplace. I now have the skills and experience to implement and monitor administration systems. “

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